Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mama's Little Helper

I must confess....I HATE LAUNDRY!  It is the most tedious of my tasks as a mom/wife.  The minute I feel like I have it done, it is time to do it again.  It is never finished and it drives me crazy!  I also must admit though, that doing laundry is alot more fun with a little helper!  In all honesty, he is not much help.  He can make piles, but if I am not quick enough, the piles change back into one big mound.  He at least makes doing laundry cuter!  Glad to have a little helper who is happy and content to play in the enormous pile of laundry!

P.S.  please do not judge the giant mound of laundry.  I already said I hate doing it, so of course I procrastinate until I must do (or the pile is so large that my OCD wont let me ignore it any longer).  Just pay attention to the cutie amongst the pile.

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