Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mama's Little Helper

I must confess....I HATE LAUNDRY!  It is the most tedious of my tasks as a mom/wife.  The minute I feel like I have it done, it is time to do it again.  It is never finished and it drives me crazy!  I also must admit though, that doing laundry is alot more fun with a little helper!  In all honesty, he is not much help.  He can make piles, but if I am not quick enough, the piles change back into one big mound.  He at least makes doing laundry cuter!  Glad to have a little helper who is happy and content to play in the enormous pile of laundry!

P.S.  please do not judge the giant mound of laundry.  I already said I hate doing it, so of course I procrastinate until I must do (or the pile is so large that my OCD wont let me ignore it any longer).  Just pay attention to the cutie amongst the pile.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sweet adoption moment

This post is really more for personal memory purposes than generally sharing (just FYI). 
So we try to be big advocates of open adoption. Since diving into the adoption world, I have learned so much, and really feel strongly about the benefits of open adoption.  We are so very blessed to have Xander's birth family in our lives.  I wish every day that we were not clear across the country from them and that we could have a stronger relationship in person rather than electronically, but beggars cant be choosers, and I am just grateful for their willingness to allow us and Xander to still be a part of their family.  

At this point in his development, Xander really doesnt know he is adopted.  It is not a secret.  He has books about the miracle of his birth and the gift of his life in our family.  His walls in his bedroom are full of his birth family and we have blog posts upon blog posts of the progress of the pregnancy and adoption process.  Once he can grasp the concept, he will know.  We want him to always know the blessing he is in our family, but as his development is not there yet, he really doesnt know. 

Well I was in his room playing with him, and I stood up for something.  He reached to be picked up, and so I did.  While I was holding him, he looked at the shelf that was not in his eye line and at a picture of him and his birth parents the day after he was born. 

This picture is one of my very favorites.  It is such a tender and loving picture of the three.  I think it truly exemplifies the love they share for their son.  It was this love that led them to choose adoption, and ultimately to choose us, and we are forever grateful.  

I picked up this picture to show Xander and he pointed at the picture and grinned.  With tears in my eyes (and tears again just writing this), I pointed out his birth parents naming them and told him that they were the people who made him.  They were the people who gave them to us so we could have him forever.  They were the people who loved him so much, they placed him in our family.

I dont think he really understood.  But I do think his spirit did.  He smiled and looked at the picture and looked at me, just grinning.  It was one of those sweet moments that I will always cherish.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zane's perfect seat

Zane is such a silly boy.  He has decided that the fridge (and freezer too) are the perfect seat.  I think it is just because it is the right height for his little legs.  Eldon thinks it is because it is cool.  Either way, it is funny!  Every time we open the fridge or freezer, Zane takes a seat.  Cute baby!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embarrassing Moments

Someday, I am sure I will be in trouble for this post, but its just so cute, that I had to.  And maybe someday, we can use it a blackmail.  You never know when these kind of things can come in handy ;) HA!  j/k, I would never do that to my children!  

Actually, I am just amused at sweet Xander, and proud of the progress he is making.   We are starting potty training.  This is the very beginning of it.  I honestly do not think Xander is ready for potty training, so the point is more of an introduction so that when the time comes, it will not be a big deal.  Xander still can not tell us when he needs to go potty, but in general, we can tell when he starts pushing that needs to go.  When we notice, we put him on the potty.  At first, we tried just putting him on the real potty, but he was terrified, so we got him a little potty, which is apparently not so scary.  After a few tries, he no longer cries.  He will sit there and do his business and seems pretty proud when we take it to the big potty to flush.  

Hopefully this effort will pay off in the end when we really do start potty training.  For now though, he is dang cute sitting on the potty reading or watching TV (yes my kid is spoiled and so am I).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with Zeus

Our dog is a sweetheart.  He is a very good sport!  He has been as patient as you could expect for someone whose home and life has been overrun by two wild intruders.  He has come to love our crazy boys and he puts up with so much.  They absolutely adore him and love to bug him constantly.  I am so grateful for his sweet temperment and his continuous patience with our children.  He is an important member of our family and Im so glad that our boys have the chance to grow up with such a great dog!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Zane's 15 Month Stats

Zane's 15 Month Stats

Height                   33 Inches                 99 %
 Weight                   24.7 lbs                   75% 

Zane is our wild child!  He is a little Tasmanian Devil roaming around the house bringing destruction.  He is such a ball of energy, and such a DELIGHT!  He is always smiling and such a tease.  Now that he can walk (and run), we have to be on constant alert.  He will escape through the dog door or an open door quicker than we can think to stop him.  He constantly opens every cabinet and cupboard he can reach (which is why they are now all locked).  

Even though he is a handful, we absolutely adore our little man.  He is such a fun, happy, and joyful little boy.  He loves to tease and to be tickled.  He loves peek a boo and anything he can do with his daddy and/or big brother.  He is very social and really hasnt even started the "stranger danger" stage yet.  He is becoming more attached to his daddy, but will still be affectionate to mommy (if I am quick enough).  

His smile and devious eyes light up his whole face and shows the mischief going through his little brain.  He is very much his mama's boy, constantly on the go and not content to act his age.  Zane follows Xander around everywhere and tries to do everything Xander does (including any fits). 

Zane is becoming such a good eater (despite not having many teeth).  His appetite is a bit ridiculous (he can almost eat as much as me), and he eats almost everything.  The only things he wont eat are cheerios and juice.  Even veggies, he seems to chow down on.  

We absolutely love this little boy.  We are so grateful to have him in our family.  He keeps us on our toes and brings so much laughter and happiness to our home. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Xander gets it right!

Once again, Grandpa's garage selling pays off.  Xander loves any toy that makes music and noises.  This one is a crazy toy that has a whole lot of buttons to push that make different noises.  Xander was having a blast just pushing the buttons, but I was cracking up that he was answering the questions right!  My smart boy! ;)
Its just too cute, so I couldnt resist sharing. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

First Day of School

I thought that I would have a lot more time before I had to watch my boys go to their first day of school.  Unfortunately, this moment came far too fast.  Eldon has gotten full time work, meaning that he will no longer play the role of "Mr. Mom".  This means that the boys need to go to day care.  This is such a tough thing for me.  We reviewed several different options and finally decided on a daycare close to my work so I could check on them regularly.  For this aspect, I am grateful, but this is still a difficult day.  (As a quick aside for the pictures, we tested out the daycare with the boys for several days before actually leaving them there full time.  The boys are in separate classes, which is something they have not experienced much before- separation.  While on the playground, Xander found his little brother's class and banged on the window until Zane came.  They tried to touch through the glass.  It was the most precious thing!  Definitely one of those happy mommy moments.) 

 So here we are, drop off for first day of school.  **I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry**.  The boys were very curious about the place and probably could feel our anxious feelings as well, so I couldnt get a good "first day of school pic" but here you go.

 They cried for a bit when dropping them off, (and no mommy did not actually cry, although I came close).  Within a few minutes, when I peaked back in, they were both playing and had stopped crying for the moment.  I checked on them several times during the day, and there were some sad moments, but they also did very good and were happy playing at times too.

 My sweet friend Kim knew that it was going to be a tough day for me, and so she sent me with a care package to work.  Something to open every 30 minutes of the day to make me smile and take my mind off worrying about my boys.  I missed taking a picture of the tissues, but the rest I got.  So thoughtful!  Between opening these gifts, explaining them to people as they entered my office, talking about the boys first day and how I was coping with people at work, and checking on my boys, the day actually went by pretty quickly.  Although, in all honesty, not much work actually got done that day.  I am grateful for all the thoughtfulness that helped get me through that first tough day.

 The boys teachers said they actually did pretty good for their first having never really been out of sight of their parents for more than a few hours.  Once we got home however, their behavior was pretty amusing.  Zane through a royal fit and would not let Eldon put him down.  He definitely chewed him out for leaving him.  

 Xander on the other hand, who had had a rougher day at school than Zane, was just glad to be home with his toys.  He didnt throw any fits and just happily played with his things. 
 Over the next couple of days, I visited often.  The boys continued to improve, but Zane was having a hard time at the end of the mornings.  His class only takes one nap a day, and while Zane usually fights his morning nap, he often times succumbs to the need of two naps.  The teachers took this sweet pic for me while cracking up.  Apparently Zane walked over to this table and swept all the objects off and to the side and climbed right up and promptly fell asleep.  So glad they were thoughtful enough to take this sweet pic.  It gave me something to chuckle at.
 After taking the pic, of course they moved him to the soft pillow. But he was out!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Xander's 2 year Stats

Xander's 2 Year Stats

Height                 35.5 Inches               76%
    Weight                    25lbs                   30%    

It is so hard to believe that 2 years have gone by.  It has been an amazingly crazy two years!  This little boy has brought so much joy and healing to our family.  He is our miracle and such a sweet blessing!  He is a chill little boy with a very tender heart.  He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.  He is still a Daddy's boy but is beginning to come back to mama's side with all his snuggles.  He still is not speaking much, but he communicates in big ways.  He has gotten very good at getting whatever object he wants (sippy cup, snacks, toy, etc) and bringing it to a parent/adult and handing it to them for help.  He minds pretty well, but falls apart when he is told no, (very tender hearted, as I say).  

Xander is a very picky kiddo and has some major texture sensitivities.  Because of this, he doesnt eat very much (hence the drop in weight percentage).  His favorites are spaghettios, Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches, Ramen Noodles, and chicken favor rice.  To make sure he gets enough nutrients, he drinks alot of smoothies and he seems to really enjoy the different fruit tastes.  He also loves white grape juice, and anything chocolate (amazingly, he is not picky when it comes to desserts).

Xander absolutely loves music!  This is one aspect that has never changed.  He especially loves instrumental music and more of a folksy type tune (Thanks to his birth mothers fun taste in music I am sure).  He loves Thomas the Train shows and playing with balls, cars, and his music making toys.  He is most happy when he is playing outside.  He loves just running around and swinging.  He is beginning to really enjoy riding (well sitting or scooting) his tricycle.  

He is a very sweet big brother.  He is getting better at sharing with his little brother (it is still a work in progress, but he gives in much easier than Zane).  He takes care of Zane and makes sure he is okay when Zane cries.  He likes helping with Zane's bath and tucking him in bed.  They regularly play hide and seek (peek a boo in the curtains) with each other cracking up, and like throwing the ball together and playing on the bikes.  Xander is always quick to push Zane on the bike or scoot toy.  

We just love this little boy so very much!  He is such a sweetheart and we are so very grateful for him in our lives.  We are excited to see what the future holds for him and are just trying to enjoy every moment we can.


Its so hard to believe that our sweet snuggly precious little baby is TWO! It has been a whirl wind two years!  This little boy has held our hearts since the day he was born and we are so very proud of him!  He is such a cute little man and has such a tender heart.  He absolutely loves music and being outside, so we decided to do a rock and roll party at a park to combine his two favs.  

 The cousins loved the slide! And the slide loved the static hair!

The slide was pretty big, so Daddy helped and Xander loved it!

                                                         He was trying to climb up again!
The spring race toy was pretty good too! 

 It is so funny to me...Xander is the pickiest eater.  If he doesnt recognize it, he wont even try it. The exception to this rule is sweets.  Some how he can tell if it is sweet (without trying it) and will gobble it right up without any question.  So of course, the cake and ice cream was a big hit.

 Zane was having a hard time (dang teeth).  So he hung out with grandpa for most of the party, just chillin.  

Since the theme of the party was "2 ROCKS", we of course, had to have pop rocks to enjoy.  This was Xander's first try and he seemed to like them.  As a side note though, I think he swallowed them before the popping part could really start, which is unfortunate, because that is the fun part!

Xander got some really fun new toys, books, and cute clothes!  Thank you to everyone that came and spent the day with out big boy!  He had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it (much better than his first birthday)!  

To go along with our music theme, we got Xander a toy piano.  He absolutely loved it (and Zane loves to help pound out the notes as well).  Here's to our future musical genius ;)

 My niece Olivia loved the slide.  She kept grabbing my hand saying  "Cmon, slide, Cmon".  How could I resist?

 So glad my sweet friends and their families could come and help make this day special too!  Much love to everyone that was able to come.  And love to those that were not able to come as well.  You were greatly missed!