Friday, February 7, 2014

Zane's 15 Month Stats

Zane's 15 Month Stats

Height                   33 Inches                 99 %
 Weight                   24.7 lbs                   75% 

Zane is our wild child!  He is a little Tasmanian Devil roaming around the house bringing destruction.  He is such a ball of energy, and such a DELIGHT!  He is always smiling and such a tease.  Now that he can walk (and run), we have to be on constant alert.  He will escape through the dog door or an open door quicker than we can think to stop him.  He constantly opens every cabinet and cupboard he can reach (which is why they are now all locked).  

Even though he is a handful, we absolutely adore our little man.  He is such a fun, happy, and joyful little boy.  He loves to tease and to be tickled.  He loves peek a boo and anything he can do with his daddy and/or big brother.  He is very social and really hasnt even started the "stranger danger" stage yet.  He is becoming more attached to his daddy, but will still be affectionate to mommy (if I am quick enough).  

His smile and devious eyes light up his whole face and shows the mischief going through his little brain.  He is very much his mama's boy, constantly on the go and not content to act his age.  Zane follows Xander around everywhere and tries to do everything Xander does (including any fits). 

Zane is becoming such a good eater (despite not having many teeth).  His appetite is a bit ridiculous (he can almost eat as much as me), and he eats almost everything.  The only things he wont eat are cheerios and juice.  Even veggies, he seems to chow down on.  

We absolutely love this little boy.  We are so grateful to have him in our family.  He keeps us on our toes and brings so much laughter and happiness to our home. 

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