Sunday, February 2, 2014


Its so hard to believe that our sweet snuggly precious little baby is TWO! It has been a whirl wind two years!  This little boy has held our hearts since the day he was born and we are so very proud of him!  He is such a cute little man and has such a tender heart.  He absolutely loves music and being outside, so we decided to do a rock and roll party at a park to combine his two favs.  

 The cousins loved the slide! And the slide loved the static hair!

The slide was pretty big, so Daddy helped and Xander loved it!

                                                         He was trying to climb up again!
The spring race toy was pretty good too! 

 It is so funny to me...Xander is the pickiest eater.  If he doesnt recognize it, he wont even try it. The exception to this rule is sweets.  Some how he can tell if it is sweet (without trying it) and will gobble it right up without any question.  So of course, the cake and ice cream was a big hit.

 Zane was having a hard time (dang teeth).  So he hung out with grandpa for most of the party, just chillin.  

Since the theme of the party was "2 ROCKS", we of course, had to have pop rocks to enjoy.  This was Xander's first try and he seemed to like them.  As a side note though, I think he swallowed them before the popping part could really start, which is unfortunate, because that is the fun part!

Xander got some really fun new toys, books, and cute clothes!  Thank you to everyone that came and spent the day with out big boy!  He had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it (much better than his first birthday)!  

To go along with our music theme, we got Xander a toy piano.  He absolutely loved it (and Zane loves to help pound out the notes as well).  Here's to our future musical genius ;)

 My niece Olivia loved the slide.  She kept grabbing my hand saying  "Cmon, slide, Cmon".  How could I resist?

 So glad my sweet friends and their families could come and help make this day special too!  Much love to everyone that was able to come.  And love to those that were not able to come as well.  You were greatly missed!

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