Monday, February 3, 2014

First Day of School

I thought that I would have a lot more time before I had to watch my boys go to their first day of school.  Unfortunately, this moment came far too fast.  Eldon has gotten full time work, meaning that he will no longer play the role of "Mr. Mom".  This means that the boys need to go to day care.  This is such a tough thing for me.  We reviewed several different options and finally decided on a daycare close to my work so I could check on them regularly.  For this aspect, I am grateful, but this is still a difficult day.  (As a quick aside for the pictures, we tested out the daycare with the boys for several days before actually leaving them there full time.  The boys are in separate classes, which is something they have not experienced much before- separation.  While on the playground, Xander found his little brother's class and banged on the window until Zane came.  They tried to touch through the glass.  It was the most precious thing!  Definitely one of those happy mommy moments.) 

 So here we are, drop off for first day of school.  **I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry**.  The boys were very curious about the place and probably could feel our anxious feelings as well, so I couldnt get a good "first day of school pic" but here you go.

 They cried for a bit when dropping them off, (and no mommy did not actually cry, although I came close).  Within a few minutes, when I peaked back in, they were both playing and had stopped crying for the moment.  I checked on them several times during the day, and there were some sad moments, but they also did very good and were happy playing at times too.

 My sweet friend Kim knew that it was going to be a tough day for me, and so she sent me with a care package to work.  Something to open every 30 minutes of the day to make me smile and take my mind off worrying about my boys.  I missed taking a picture of the tissues, but the rest I got.  So thoughtful!  Between opening these gifts, explaining them to people as they entered my office, talking about the boys first day and how I was coping with people at work, and checking on my boys, the day actually went by pretty quickly.  Although, in all honesty, not much work actually got done that day.  I am grateful for all the thoughtfulness that helped get me through that first tough day.

 The boys teachers said they actually did pretty good for their first having never really been out of sight of their parents for more than a few hours.  Once we got home however, their behavior was pretty amusing.  Zane through a royal fit and would not let Eldon put him down.  He definitely chewed him out for leaving him.  

 Xander on the other hand, who had had a rougher day at school than Zane, was just glad to be home with his toys.  He didnt throw any fits and just happily played with his things. 
 Over the next couple of days, I visited often.  The boys continued to improve, but Zane was having a hard time at the end of the mornings.  His class only takes one nap a day, and while Zane usually fights his morning nap, he often times succumbs to the need of two naps.  The teachers took this sweet pic for me while cracking up.  Apparently Zane walked over to this table and swept all the objects off and to the side and climbed right up and promptly fell asleep.  So glad they were thoughtful enough to take this sweet pic.  It gave me something to chuckle at.
 After taking the pic, of course they moved him to the soft pillow. But he was out!

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