Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embarrassing Moments

Someday, I am sure I will be in trouble for this post, but its just so cute, that I had to.  And maybe someday, we can use it a blackmail.  You never know when these kind of things can come in handy ;) HA!  j/k, I would never do that to my children!  

Actually, I am just amused at sweet Xander, and proud of the progress he is making.   We are starting potty training.  This is the very beginning of it.  I honestly do not think Xander is ready for potty training, so the point is more of an introduction so that when the time comes, it will not be a big deal.  Xander still can not tell us when he needs to go potty, but in general, we can tell when he starts pushing that needs to go.  When we notice, we put him on the potty.  At first, we tried just putting him on the real potty, but he was terrified, so we got him a little potty, which is apparently not so scary.  After a few tries, he no longer cries.  He will sit there and do his business and seems pretty proud when we take it to the big potty to flush.  

Hopefully this effort will pay off in the end when we really do start potty training.  For now though, he is dang cute sitting on the potty reading or watching TV (yes my kid is spoiled and so am I).

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