Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sweet adoption moment

This post is really more for personal memory purposes than generally sharing (just FYI). 
So we try to be big advocates of open adoption. Since diving into the adoption world, I have learned so much, and really feel strongly about the benefits of open adoption.  We are so very blessed to have Xander's birth family in our lives.  I wish every day that we were not clear across the country from them and that we could have a stronger relationship in person rather than electronically, but beggars cant be choosers, and I am just grateful for their willingness to allow us and Xander to still be a part of their family.  

At this point in his development, Xander really doesnt know he is adopted.  It is not a secret.  He has books about the miracle of his birth and the gift of his life in our family.  His walls in his bedroom are full of his birth family and we have blog posts upon blog posts of the progress of the pregnancy and adoption process.  Once he can grasp the concept, he will know.  We want him to always know the blessing he is in our family, but as his development is not there yet, he really doesnt know. 

Well I was in his room playing with him, and I stood up for something.  He reached to be picked up, and so I did.  While I was holding him, he looked at the shelf that was not in his eye line and at a picture of him and his birth parents the day after he was born. 

This picture is one of my very favorites.  It is such a tender and loving picture of the three.  I think it truly exemplifies the love they share for their son.  It was this love that led them to choose adoption, and ultimately to choose us, and we are forever grateful.  

I picked up this picture to show Xander and he pointed at the picture and grinned.  With tears in my eyes (and tears again just writing this), I pointed out his birth parents naming them and told him that they were the people who made him.  They were the people who gave them to us so we could have him forever.  They were the people who loved him so much, they placed him in our family.

I dont think he really understood.  But I do think his spirit did.  He smiled and looked at the picture and looked at me, just grinning.  It was one of those sweet moments that I will always cherish.

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